• Travel – I need to get on a plane at least two or three times this year.
  • Fitness – Get lean as a mf’er.
  • Knowledge – Taking online classes through Coursera, learning Spanish, getting my HIV Counselor Certification.
  • Graduate School – ‘Nuff said. This is the year.
  • Work – I want a raise, damnit!
  • Friendship – Strengthen old friendships and create new ones. I’ve been seriously lacking in this aspect of life, as I was so focused on completing my pre-req’s for graduate school. Don’t call it a comeback.
  • Family – Showing my appreciation and love to my parents more, and spend more time with my extended family.
  • Writing – Write SOMETHING everyday. A blog post, a poem, some of my novel, something, anything!
  • Me – Growth, acceptance, self-love.

Please note that I did not list “Love.” Dating is not a priority for me. While I am open to it – open to falling in love again and giving my all to someone – I am aware that I need to put my needs before anyone else’s. I’m barely over my ex and the thought of even going down that road again is more frightening than exciting. But if there’s anything that I’ve learned from my first love, it’s that you have to let things/people/situations go so that you have room for new things/people/situations.

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