I haven’t quite decided what I want to write about in this space.

Do I want to just write about school? Trying to live life to the fullest while simultaneously living life in a sort of limbo/purgatory, as you know in your immediate future (~14 months) that you will be accepted to the graduate school of your dreams and completely uproot your life as you know it, and start over in a whole new city.

Or love? Rather, getting over someone who was your first love and trying to avoid old mistakes in your new relationships. 

I am unsure. 

I do know that this space is for me and for whatever I deem as necessary for ME. So maybe some days, I will vent here and write about love lost, or overanalyze the conversations between me and my “crush.” Some days, I will go on and on about graduate school and how much I cannot wait to start on this new journey while also being scared to death of failure. And on some days, I will write about going to the gym, and work, and my extreme case of wanderlust, or friends, and loneliness, and the impracticality of finding a balance between who I am and who I want to be.

I am unsure.

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