Write about your first home: Your childhood home or first apartment of your own.

My childhood home was a blue condo. That’s what the neighborhood was called – The Blue Condos.

Our condo was the perfect size for our family. Mom, dad, and me.

My room was also blue. I wanted it to look like the sea or the sky. I played outside a lot, back when it was actually cool for kids to play outside. There was a giant mountain behind our condo and we would often explore there, even though my mom always warned me about possums and rattlesnakes. I saw maybe one in the entirety of my time outside.

I walked to the big main street every morning to take the bus to school. That street was so scary to me. It reminded me of San Francisco, becuase it was steep and cars just sped up and down it like it was Nascar. I was terrified every time that we would get hit. The day that I conquered driving that hill – without stalling – I yelped with joy.

We moved in 2006, to a big house and there was no backyard and no kids to play with. Although by that age, I no longer played outside.

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