Love is Not Enough

“I give up.”

You knew those words were coming, yet, once she’s spoken them, brought them into existence, you find yourself shocked.

You open your mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. She stares at you, expectantly.

She wants you to beg for her to stay. To plead with her that her love for you and your untapped potential is more than enough reason to stay. To continue being wounded and humiliated by your carelessness and disregard. She wants you to tell her to stay.

Instead, you say, “Okay.” And you stand up, grab your bag, and leave her. You’re doing her a favor. This was all a mistake to begin with.

The door closes behind you and you wait, for just a few seconds. Selfishly, you hope she’ll open the door and tell you that she’s changed her mind. A few more seconds pass. You wonder how long you should wait and then it hits you…

You realize that love is not enough. It never will be when it comes to you.

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