An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

The way that things happened here, I was not accustomed to. People did as they pleased, went where they desired, without a thought about time or logistics or preparation. I had no place in this world yet I was here and without a choice to leave; the irony of it all slapped me around constantly.

But then she showed up. While I drank my coffee and ate my eggs, she sat down and told me that she had been waiting for me.

‘For me?,’ I asked. My curiosity was peaked.

‘Yes,’ she said smoothly. I don’t know how it was possible but her voice delighted me, like the human embodiment of a cat’s purr. I wanted her to speak more. Instead she looked at me expectantly.

‘Well, what can I do for you?,’ I asked uneasily. Where was this going? I twirled my fork around nervously. Her eyes were a dark forest green and her stare was penetrating. Writers always said that – [____]’s look was penetrating – and I never really understood, until this moment, what they meant. I felt invaded; I wanted to be conquered.

‘Now, now, don’t act like you don’t know,’ she purred. ‘You’ve been wanting to get away for sometime.’

I nodded. I had regressed to a love struck schoolboy, a robot.

‘I’ll take you away from here, to a place that’s just for you. Truly, it’s an offer that you can’t refuse.’

Race the Clock

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