Dear You,

You were right about grad school. I have no time. Yesterday, I sat down and was surprised that I had managed to eat AND do laundry that day. Usually, it was just the eating but I excelled and did both yesterday. You would be proud.

I barely go out. I’m not sure how you managed to have a social life at all. I don’t know how you made time for me. I think I appreciate you even more now, despite being thousands of miles away. Despite the fact that we haven’t talked in a few weeks, which will surely become months. You’ve always been too busy. I too, am too busy.

I miss you, if you can’t tell. Although we’ve left the strange purgatory that was our relationship, I miss you. And us. Whether it was watching Netflix in the comfort of your studio, or watching the game with a couple of beers, I miss that. I’ve never really liked starting over and considering I don’t have the time to, yea, I miss you.

Anyways, I need to run off to the library to study. Despite the feeling that I am always teetering off the side of a cliff, I love it here. The school, the city, the people. As you can imagine, I am still adjusting to the cold. Yesterday, it snowed for the first time. I ran outside like a little girl and felt magical as the snowflakes found their final resting place of my body. Then I quickly ran back inside since I had forgotten a coat. Although I love it here and have no regrets, I miss you.

Until next time.

Audience of One

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