In 2005, I was a clumsy teenager – 15 years old to be exact – with worldly aspirations and a deep desire to escape the mundane town that I grew up in. College was so far away at that point yet those three years would eventually come crashing down upon me with the entirety of its strength.

But I was 15 in 2005, and although college was an ever-lingering thought in the back of my mind, I was probably consumed with one of several different thoughts: why was AP Biology so boring; I felt like quitting the basketball team yet I was going to go to practice yet again; this cute boy named Michael; why I hadn’t had my first boyfriend when all of my other friends were already on their 2nd or 3rd; I wonder if my parents would let me go to the mall on Friday night (the answer was no — it was always no); and how long until track season began.

Now, in 2015, I look back and am perplexed at how simple my life was at 15. Little to no worries about anything of significance and the leisure to just go to school and participate in activities & sports that I liked while occasionally hanging out with friends. Life was good back then. Life was GREAT.

As I am about to turn 25, I would tell 15-year-old me that life gets harder. While you will definitely struggle, you get through it all. Thoughts of boys fall to the wayside and are replaced by professional aspirations & personal life goals.

Okay, I’m lying; you still think about boys.

Buffalo Nickel

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