All Mine

With a plot of land — not too small, not too large, but just the right size — I plan to leave a legacy. A modest home will be built upon this land, designed with love and modesty, built with sturdy wood and good intentions.

Every year, the family will take their annual photo on the front porch. It will start with just a man and a woman, entirely in love and proud of what they’ve accomplished. They are homeowners, the African-American dream. Each year, their faces grow a bit older and then age dramatically. That year, they are joined by a small bundle of joy, nestled in the arms of the woman transformed into the mother.

A few years later, another bundle arrives, replacing the previous one who can now stand on his own two feet. The home changes to accommodate these additions to the family. A study becomes another bedroom. The once pristine living room is covered in colorful hand prints and an assortment of crayon drawings.

Many firsts occur in this home, on this plot of land. Each photo documents a new year of the family, another mark of age for the land.
A Plot of Earth

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2 thoughts on “All Mine

  1. music says:

    Immortality in a plot of land. 😉

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