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I’m looking for something, she told you. You watched her move between the racks of clothing, her fingers running softly over each piece of item. Marking them, subtly, as hers, whether she would leave the store with them or not.

Well, what’s something? you asked.

She stepped forward so you took a step, too, eager to keep up with her and to demonstrate something that you could not yet name.

Something… that is me, she replied.

You chuckled. Well, who are you then?

She turned and looked at you over her shoulder. Her stare did not go through you, no. It stopped, right at your heart like shrapnel, and exploded into smaller pieces, ricocheting through your body. Through your blood.

I’m yours, she said.



Simple, easy, no fuss. A declaration and nothing more. You closed the distance between you, as walls had been scaled and guards disposed of. She picked up a black dress and held it up to you.

What about this?

The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

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How to Begin?

I walked in late again tonight, the second time this week. I went into the kitchen and my mom was there, making a cup of tea. I said hello and hummed to myself as I grabbed something quick to eat; she stood there, just watching me,

“You’re happy. Who are you seeing?” she asked.

“What?” I was dumbfounded.

“You’ve been coming in later than usual over the last few weeks. You’ve been smiling more. I know when you’re seeing someone. I hope it’s not your ex,” she said.

I flinch at the thought of my ex and quickly let her know that no, I am not seeing my ex again.

“Well who is it?”

I’m not sure how to even begin to describe you.

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